List of Figures

1.1 Elijah Titchener (“Old Eli”)
1.2 Emma Titchener, nee Baker (“Old Grandma”).
3.1 Bishopstone parish church.
9.1 William James (“Jim”) Titchener, his wife Elizabeth (nee Finch), and their children. From the left: Albert, Lilian, Elizabeth, William, Percy, Emma, Jim, Frank, Jack.
9.2 Four generations. From the left: Great Grandma Titchener, grandson Albert, great grandson Les, and son Jim.
9.3 Hugh Titchener (Grandpa Titchener).
9.4 Elizabeth Ellen Titchener (Grandma), nee Gore, generally called “Hilty”.
9.5 Grandma and Grandpa Titchener, “Old Grandma”, and Cecil Gordon Titchener as a boy.
9.6 Gordon Titchener aged 21.
9.7 Gordon Titchener aged ?
9.8 Freda (nee Hellyer) and Gordon Titchener leaving the Holy Cross church after their marriage.
9.9 Four generations: Great Grandma Titchener, son Hugh, grandson Gordon, and great grandson Alan, l923.
9.10 Alan and Gray Titchener as small boys.
9.11 Alan, Gray and Yolande Titchener in the Queens Drive back garden.
9.12 Julia (nee Stevenson) and Frank Titchener and their children, Walter (standing) and Madeline.
9.13 Madeline Aldred (nee Titchener) and Madeline Cobb (nee Judd) in Trafalgar Square, 1957.
10.1 Childwall church, near Much Woolton, and now within the boundaries of greater Liverpool. Photograph taken in the 1870s or earlier
12.1 Grave of Hugh Gore, Melbourne
12.2 James Gore, taken in Melbourne
12.3 “The Three Graces”: Annie, Polly and Hilty Gore, daughters of James
12.4 Charles James Gore, eldest son of James Gore
12.5 Henry Charles (“Harry”) Gore, eldest son of Charles James Gore
12.6 Mr and Mrs Fothergill (“Uncle Fothergill” and “Auntie Polly”)
12.7 Walter John (“Jack”) Gore and family in their boat probably at Broad Bay. From the left: Vera, Ina, Gert, Walter John, Dill, Dora, Les
14.1 Harry Hellyer and sister Lil at the left. Right, Alfred and Harry Hellyer
15.1 Harry Hellyer and family
15.2 Grace Hellyer. Harry Hellyer
15.3 Freda Hellyer aged 18
15.4 Freda Hellyer aged ?
16.1 Freda Hellyer’s autograph from Peggy (nee Metson) Dalmer’s autograph book
16.2 Roger (“Mick”) Blake, killed in World War II
17.1 Alix Kinvig and Adelaide Hellyer with Gordon and Freda Titchener in “flying machine” at the Dunedin and South Seas Exhibition, 1926
17.2 Jim Hellyer in “territorial” uniform
19.1 Hugh McNair
19.2 Ann Shearer McNair (nee Miller)
20.1 William (“Bill”) McNair
20.2 George McNair with daughter Margaret
20.3 The McNair sisters. From the left: Alice, Nell, Grace, Lissa, Jean, Josie, Nessie
21.1 James (“Jim”) McNair Janet Georgina (“Jessie”) McNair
21.2 Postcard from Jim McNair, sent from Los Angeles
21.3 Grace Wilkinson McNair
21.4 Elizabeth Buddle, nee McNair (“Auntie Lissa”)
21.5 Miss Major’s Young Ladies’ Gymnastics Class. Alice McNair at top right, Nell McNair at front right
21.6 Alice Densem, nee McNair