Chapter 11
Hugh and James Gore in Australia

Hugh, James and Sarah Ann [G.1] arrived in Victoria in late 1852 or early 1853. “After trying the life of a gold-miner for a few months, with no success, James Gore joined his father, Hugh Gore, in Melbourne where he had started in the building trade. For the next 8 or 10 years business was good in the rapidly growing city,” writes Mick Gore in his notes. According to the “Cyclopedia of Otago and Southland” James “was engaged with his father on Government contracts, chiefly road construction and bridge building”. They seem also to have built domestic and commercial buildings, for photographs in the old James Gore album, already mentioned, show various brick buildings, including detached and terrace houses, a brewery and a church, possibly built by them in and around Melbourne. There are no pictures of bridges.

In these years five children were born to Sarah and James [G.1]. The eldest, Anne, was born 4.3.1853 [G.1] at Collingwood, Melbourne. The birth was not registered until September. The other children were Charles James (born 21.12.1855) [G.1], a daughter who died in infancy, Mary (“Polly”) [G.1], and Walter John [G.1].