1In 1997 Alison Menzies obtained copies of registry records showing that the young woman referred to as Daphne by Alan, was in fact Ann Jane Nyhon and that the illegitimate daughter born to Ann Nyhon and Gordon Titchener, was baptised Daphne Ann. Ruth Johnston connected to the Nyhon family recently visited Margaret Titchener and reported then that Ann Jane later became a music teacher. She seemed to think that Ann never married. In October 2006 I spoke to a Mike Nyhon of Dunedin in an attempt to trace the where abouts of Daphne. According to Mike Nyhon, Daphne did not marry, and had died “four or five years ago”, He also indicated to me that not only did Ann Jane marry but had also had further offspring. MRT, Oct 2006.

Registry records located by Alison Menzies (see footnote on previous page):