Family Notes & Trees

Compiled by:
Alan Lee Titchener

(2nd edition 1996)
(3rd edition Oct. 2006)
(Web-edition May 2012)


The family names of my four grandparents were Titchener, Gore, Hellyer and McNair.

The family trees which form the basis of this book and which are collected at the back of it trace these families as far back as I have been able and forward to the present. As far as possible sources of information have been referenced.

The notes at the front of the book are an attempt to provide background to the trees. They are based on memories of my own and of other members of the family.

The bold-face references in the notes are to the numbers given to the family trees.

The first Titchener to have arrived in New Zealand came as a cabin passenger from England in 1842 off the ship “Bolton”. He may have returned to England; at any rate he left no descendants in New Zealand. Until 1920, the last year for which indexes are available of births, deaths and marriages, the only Titcheners appearing are Elijah and his descendants. After 1920 there appear to be a few, but only a few, Titcheners in New Zealand who are not related to our family. One was a George Titchener who used to give “humorous monologues” from the Christchurch radio station 3YA in the early 1930s. By contrast there are numerous Gores, Hellyers and McNairs in New Zealand who are unrelated to our family. Indeed in our family the names Hellyer and McNair have died out.

In collecting information I have been helped by many members of the family and I here express my deep gratitude to them.


List of Figures
1 Elijah and Emma
2 Elijah’s parents, brothers and sisters
 2.1 American Titcheners
 2.2 Mysterious Susan
3 The name and the place
4 Earliest known forebears of Elijah
5 Coleshill
6 Earliest and other Titcheners in Bishopstone
7 The Bakers
8 Elijah and Emma - Early years in Otago
9 William James Titchener
 9.1 Children of William James and Elizabeth
 9.2 Elizabeth Titchener [T.4]
 9.3 Alfred Charles Titchener [T.4]
 9.4 Albert Alfred Titchener [T.4]
 9.5 George John Titchener
 9.6 Hugh Titchener
 9.7 Edward William Titchener
 9.8 Francis Heading Titchener
10 “English” forebears
 10.1 Joseph and Hugh Gore
 10.2 Hugh and James Gore in England
11 Hugh and James Gore in Australia
12 The Gores in New Zealand
 12.1 Hugh and James in Otago
 12.2 James Gore in Dunedin
 12.3 The Children of James Gore
13 “Earliest” Hellyers
14 Alfred Hellyer in Dunedin
15 Henry William Simpson Hellyer
 15.1 Freda Muriel Hellyer
16 The Sisters of Harry Hellyer
 16.1 Berlinda Sophia Hellyer
 16.2 Emma Alison Hellyer
 16.3 Alexandra Louise Hellyer
 16.4 Margaret May Hellyer
 16.5 Adelaide Maud Hellyer
17 Alfred James Gore Hellyer
18 Scotish Forebears
19 McNair family in New Zealand
 19.1 Hugh and Ann
20 Hugh and Ann’s sons
 20.1 William McNair
 20.2 James Miller McNair
 20.3 George Smith McNair
21 Hugh and Ann’s Daughters
 21.1 Janet Georgina McNair
 21.2 Grace Wilkinson McNair
 21.3 Ann McNair
 21.4 Jane Miller McNair
 21.5 Mary McNair
 21.6 Elizabeth Miller McNair
 21.7 Agnes Miller McNair
 21.8 Helen McNair
 21.9 Alice May McNair
V  Trees
1 Titchener
2 Baker
3 Gore
4 Hellyer
5 McNair
6 Ponting
7 Stevenson