Produced by DIGITAL EQUIPMENT CORP DEC (now defunct)
The PDP-8 (straight-8) is considered by many to be the first of the mini computers.
An all transistor machine.. of which fewer than 1500 ever made. There are now only a handful of these machines left... some in computer museums.... and the rest in private collections.
The PDP8 was built around modular flip chips, PCB circuits such as those depicted schematically below.
More Photo’s and documentation coming in due course.
PDP-8  ‘straight-8’  1964
(pages in flux)
Looking for a replacement front panel.... unfortunately the front panel was broken... if anyone knows of a replacement panel... or how to remake the screen printed glass panel...I’m looking for one.
This is what the computer would
look like with a panel...  I hope to find time to put together web resources for the
PDP-8 based on
the documentation
I have...