List of Figures

1.1 The White Family line.
1.2 The Naming Pattern.
1.3 The Naming Pattern as used by John White and Mary Wilson.
1.4 Shop – front “ W.J Whitie, Bookseller and Newsagent.” in High Street, Peebles.
1.5 Entry in the Parish register of Kirknewton recording the baptism of Mary Wilson.
1.6 Receipts with signatures of James Wilson and John White.
1.7 Wilson- Boak family history from Margaret Rackham.
1.8 Engraving – Thomas Braidwood Wilson.
1.9 The wreck of the Governor Ready. Engraving from Dr. T. B. Wilson’s “Narrative of a Voyage Round the World.”
1.10 Fly leaves of “Robert Wilson’s Poems”.
1.11 George Wilson, his Gravestone, and home “Ceres”.
1.12 Cover of James Wilson White’s exercise book, subsequently leather bound and submitted as exhibit in the Education Court at the Dunedin exhibition in 1925.
1.13 Page from James’ exercise book when he was fourteen (1825).
1.14 The “Auld Hoose”, in Great King St, Dunedin, built by James Wilson White and son, John.
1.15 James Wilson White and Agnes, his wife.
1.16 John White – Son of James Wilson White, House built by John White in Great King Street.
1.17 Sisters of David and John White: Jessie White – “Auntie Jessie” – and Christina White.
1.18 Above: David White and Ida, below: David (46) and Ida (37) – in 1893.
1.19 Ida and brother “Dim” (Jim).
1.20 The third White home, “Tiro Katoa”, built about 1902.
1.21 David, Ida and family – Ida, Jack, Jim and David, 1907.
1.22 David White – after his retirement – 1914., Ida White.
1.23 Grandma (Ida White) –1921- with grandchildren David, Margaret, Joan (back), and Valerie.
1.24 First lessons – 1923 – Grandpa (David White) and Margaret in washhouse in “Tiro Katoa”.
1.25 Mother (Kathleen White) – 1924 – with Margaret and Joan.
1.26 David and Ida on their 50th Wedding Anniversary, on the steps of “Tiro-iti-Katoa” (April 2nd, 1934). back: Jack, Alice, David, Kathleen, Rene, James, middle: Grandpa (David), Ida, Grandma (Ida), front: Margaret, Joan, Alan, Valerie, David.
1.27 Kathleen and James White in 1935.
1.28 Christian White – Aunty Kirsty – nursemaid to family of Sir James Young Simpson.
2.1 The Vale of Eden – Showing the parishes where the earliest Speddings are recorded.
2.2 The Spedding Family line.
2.3 St Oswald’s Church in Ravenstonedale.
2.4 The Shoemaker’s house in Ravenstonedale.
2.5 The Shoemaker’s house – around the back.
2.6 Entry in “Westmorland ‘Census’ of 1787”.
2.7 To the memory of Mary.
2.8 Fly leaf of the Spedding Bible confirming the name of Joseph’s wife as Catherine Gunn and the McKenzie connection.
2.9 Joseph Spedding’s advertisement in “Ayr Advertiser” 1846.
2.10 Janet MacFarlane Glass.
2.11 The Spedding and Glass families emigrate to Australia on the “Sir William Moles-worth”.
2.12 Marriages of Joseph Spedding and Margaret Donaldson in Ayr, and Donald Spedding and Elizabeth Glass in Melbourne, shown on the fly-leaf of the N.P. Spedding Bible.
2.13 Spedding children at Main Street Ayr and Newton on Ayr, Scotland.
2.14 Deaths of Speddings at Ayr, at sea, in Australia, and New Zealand.
2.15 Births of Donalds and Eliza’s children.
2.16 Donald Spedding and Elizabeth Glass.
2.17 Elizabeth Glass.
2.18 Eva (15), Ida (14), Alice (13), Amy (11), Donald (10), Elizabeth (9), Josephine (5), Laura (2), Percy (1) in mourning after the death of their mother.
2.19 The Menu and Wine list at a dance held by Donald M. Spedding and his wife Clara.
2.20 The “first family” of Donald and Elizabeth Spedding – Left to right: Alice, Josie, Ida, Percy, Donald, Eva, Laura, Amy, Lizzie.
3.1 The House where my mother, Kate Chisholm was born, 38 Northgate St, Bury St. Edmunds.
3.2 Harriet and Kathleen , aged about 10 and 12 respectively.
3.3 Bertie, Kathleen’s half-brother, killed in World War I.
3.4 Paddington Green Children’s Hospital where Kathleen was a nurse and Jim, a House Surgeon.
3.5 Nurses at Paddington Green Children’s Hospital, Kathleen at back right.
3.6 Harriet.
3.7 The home of Cornelius Vanderbilt in New York.
3.8 The “Breakers”.
3.9 Children’s playhouse built for Gladys at the “Breakers”.
3.10 An interior view at “The Breakers”.
3.11 James Renfrew White, RAMC, 1914.
4.1 “The Red Lion” (top) and “The Rose and Crown”.
4.2 Hundon Parish Church where Maria Mansfield and Hugh Chisholm were married.
4.3 Ann Mansfield (ne e Martin).