Compiled by:
Margaret Titchener


The family names of my four grandparents were White, Spedding, Chisholm and Mansfield.

The family trees which form the basis of this book, trace these families as far back as I have been able. The sources of information are given where possible.

In the Tales I have tried to provide a background story for each family using information handed down, remembered, and discovered in my 30 years of research.

The bracketed references in the tales are to the numbers given to the Family Trees.

Many people have helped me in the writing of this family history.

My thanks go
– first, to my Aunt, Ida G. White, who wrote accounts of her father’s and mother’s forbears, without which I could not have researched further into the White and Spedding families. She is referred to in Family Trees and Tales as I.G.W.,

– second, to Verna Mossong, whose course in Genealogy in 1978, showed me how to go about these researches,

– third, to Alison Menzies who ordered my first Parish Registers of Ravenstonedale, and gave expert help and advice ever after.

– fourth, to many members of the family and especially to Alan, who took me round England and Scotland, to the villages and towns, churches and graveyards, Record Offices and Libraries which made my family history come to life for me.

– And now in 2004, I am grateful to Margaret Rackham of Victoria, South Australia, whose recent researches have enabled me to fill many gaps in the Wilson Trees and Tales. She is referred to as M.R.